Pureauty Biotin Conditioner…yasss or trash

First, let me say, I’m going to keep this post both short and to the point. Im going to discuss the things about this product that I considered to be pros and then the cons. Finally, based off my opinions I’ll let you know if I think it’s worth forking over your coins.


While there are a number of pros that could be discussed about this product the three major focus for my review are going to address the hair benefits, it’s cleansing effectiveness, and finally fragrance.

Hair Benefits

This stuff is full of the good stuff. Of course, there’s biotin, vitamin b, and several plant extracts. It boasts its ability to promote thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair.


This product is a creamy dream! I was sooo impressed with this conditioner. It felt like it penetrated my strands and softened my hair from within and made it super manageable and ultra soft to the touch. My hair was visibly hydrated using this product. I use a hefty amount of conditioner on my hair and I’ve tried sooo many products. My biggest gripe is how the conditioner sits on the hair and feels like a film. But this stuff doesn’t do that. Instead is seaps into the strands and leaves behind lustrous, soft, shiny strands. I love it!!


The best way I can describe the fragrance is earthy. It’s subtle but noticeable. Initially I wasn’t sure of the smell (I like girly/flower scented fragrances) because it was too masculine of a scent for me but after using the product in my hair I actually enjoyed the fragrance.


For me, there were only two major cons. The first I’ll discuss is product size and cost.


The product comes in an 8 oz bottle. While it fits perfectly in my hand and is easy to use for wash day, it just isn’t a lot of product. So, if you’re going to have this as a staple product you’re going to need to get several bottles of this stuff because it runs out quickly. That leads me to my next point.


Another major con is the cost especially in relation to size. For $20, I’d expect to get more than 1 wash day (I use a lot of conditioner) out of a product. Bare in mind though, I have thick, course, waist-length natural 4c hair. So, I use a decent amount of conditioner on my hair.


So, is it worth your coins!?!

Well, that’s ultimately up to you and your budget. Looking at the info I provided the pros outweigh the cons but the cons aren’t minuscule. If your primary focus is to get a quality product for your hair then this is definitely it. But just be prepared to pay for the quality. If you have longer hair, your going to need to buy several bodies of this stuff.

Ultimately, I’d recommend trying it out if you have the cash to spring for it. Your hair will DEFINITELY thank you.

Here’s the link if you’d like to try it out for yourself:

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