Wooden Alphabet Puzzles

Color recognition, alphabet sounds, alphabet names, vocabulary, and matching are just a few of the reasons that this puzzle has become my ABSOLUTE favorite puzzle for my daughter. The wooden Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle is the last puzzle of a three part series. This is NO coincidence. I definitely saved the BEST for last.

This purchase comes with TWO beautiful, brightly colored, immaculately crafted, and neatly packaged puzzles. The smaller puzzle features a snail with the alphabet swirled around it decoratively as its body.

The larger puzzle (me and my daughters favorite) is boldly designed alphabet. Each letter a differing vibrant color. Underneath each letter you can find corresponding vocabulary words to the letter with a small beautifully painted illustration of the vocabulary word. The corresponding letter does not easily match the color slot, which creates a bit of a challenge for the child.

The puzzle is challenging, educational, fun, and well-designed. It is by far my favorite from the series because of how well thought out this design was. It provides a variety of uses and is colorful and engaging to keep little ones enjoying their learning time.

Overall, I LOVE this product. If you could only get one, for whatever reason, I’d recommend this one based off its versatility.

If you’re interested in checking this one out, here’s the link:

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Let me know which puzzle is your fave in the comments section. If you have any questions

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