Product Review: PUREAUTY Naturals Scar cream. Does it work!?!

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So, I don’t do a lot of reviews because different things work for different folks. But I was compelled to write this after trying out a product (well a combo of two different products from this line). Let me preface this by saying that I DID NOT EXPECT THESE RESULTS FROM A PUREAUTY NATURALS PRODUCT!!!! I honestly didn’t expect any results at all.

Back story: I burned myself over a year ago and it healed nice and flat because I used Neosporin but there is still visible discoloration. So, I decided to try two products to try to improve the appearance of the scar. And y’all!?!? I’m sooooo shocked. It not only faded the scar it made my skin super soft. These creams are great and very moisturizing. I used their scar cream and lightening cream to fade this scar.

Here are the product links:

Here’s a pic:

Before an after the scar and lightening cream

Here’s a closer look!

You can see the color faded a bit

Overall, I’m happy with my results. Shocked that it even worked. Glad I tried it. I wonder if I keep using it, if it will continue to fade? If it disappears completely I’ll do an update. If you try this out share your results. Let me know if it works for you!

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