5 Reasons you NEED evergreen blog posts

What the #@{& is an evergreen blog post?

Great question! An evergreen blog post is a post that never dies. Or in other words, it remains relevant to your audience and can be beneficial to any reader whenever they read it. Evergreen blog posts must contain these three key components: useful information, helps the reader, and remains relevant to your audience over time.

For example, if my blog were on the topic of healthy hair, an evergreen blog post pertaining to healthy hair would be how to prevent breakage or how to detangle safely without damaging your ends. These are evergreen because regardless of what new styling tools, hairstyles or products hit the market these are going to still be essential in maintaining healthy hair. Evergreen posts are not dependent on a brand, a product, or even a specific trend. Instead, they are posts that stand alone as informational pieces that provide mini transformations for your audience.

Still on the fence about evergreen posts

Heres 5 reasons you NEED evergreen posts NOW

1. Evergreen posts establish your authority in your niche.

Regardless of your background, people want to know, that YOU KNOW what youre talking about. What better way than to–simply put–show ’em what ya know.

2. Evergreen posts builds trust from your audience

When you provide high quality useful content people take notice. They will eat up your posts because they keep getting help from you. They know that they can rely on the information youre giving. This essentially builds a firm trust between you and your viewers. That way if/when you pitch a sale or provide a suggestion they know that they can trust you which will lead to more sales.

3. More evergreen posts, begets a more evergreen blog

This ones self-explanatory but I’ll put it in other words, just in case. Creating forever posts will lead to, ultimately, creating a forever website. You want to be around for some time in order to reap the benefits of passive income from your hard work and perseverance. I mean—who doesn’t want that—am I right?

4. Evergreen posts allows you to reach more people

Let’s face it, everyone won’t buy your ebook, your course, or your services. However, you can impact peoples businesses/lives through a mini transformation from your evergreen posts. If your posts are well-written, they should provide a variety of resources and helpful tips for your reader. This ensures that whether people subscribe or browse they are experiencing a transformative experience from your evergreen posts. People talk. Even if they simply refer your website to someone or repost–its all free publicity which equals more opportunity to sell.

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5. Evergreen posts help to establish a resource bank

What I mean is, having flagship posts that break down the basis for success in your niche then you can easily use that information in your freebies, to create infographics, checklists, or even calendars based on what your posts are about. In banking these resources you can go back at any time to add or delete as necessary for market shifts and changes without having to reinvent the wheel.



So, now you know. Evergreen posts, posts that have three key components: useful information, helps the reader, and remains relevant to your audience over time, are quintessential to building a profitable blog. They demonstrate your knowledge, credibility, creates longevity, passive income, and opportunities for growth as well as sales. If you’re not already, try to bulk up your page with hefty pieces that are evergreen. This will help you to create something lasting and profitable.


Let me know if you found this helpful. If you give it a shot please drop the link to your post so we can check it out! I’d love to see what you’ve created. Until next time, wishing you well.

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