Top 12 reasons bloggers don’t make money: Here’s how to avoid them

Have you been working hard to get your blog earning but still cant seem to make any money. So, many bloggers out there are making tons of passive income. Some are making enough to quit their day jobs and pour into a life of flexibility. So, why cant you? Here’s the top 10 reasons many bloggers don’t make money and how you can avoid these issues.

1. Blogging about what they want

A common mistake that bloggers make happens to be with content. Often times bloggers build a blog as a hobby where they pretty much wrote about whatever they wanted. Their audience grew (or didn’t) organically. Then the same blogger decides that they want to monetize their blog.

More times than not, these bloggers continue to post as they did before. While the story about their aunt splitting her pants at the local grocers is hilarious, it doesn’t really speak to the needs of an audience. One way to guarantee that your creating content that is helpful to your audience is by reaching out to your email list. This will allow your audience to ask for help and gives you the opportunity to write pieces and promote services that will directly address those concerns/needs.

2. Not building an email list

As soon as you decide you want a monetized blog you need to invest in a landing page (even if it just says coming soon) and start building an email list. Your email list is your core following. These are the people that love your freebies, trust your recommendations, and give you feedback to help you grow.

If there’s anything I wish I could go back and do differently it would have been this! Going viral only to have a bunch of one time views sucks. Once the excitement dies down and your views begin to diminish you’ll want to get those views back. Especially when you launch a product you’ve worked really hard on. So, do yourself a favor and be intentional about growing your email list.

3. Not providing a service, a product, or solution

This one is huge! Every person is unique and has an individual perspective. Therefore, everyone can teach. Having experienced or done something that someone else hasn’t gives you the license to teach. Also, blogs are a space to provide your unique perspective and experiential insight. Use this insight to power your posts. Answer questions you’d wish you’d known along the way, provide shortcuts that you now have/use, or problems you’ve recently solved.

4. Irrelevant affiliates

Creating distrust within your community. This is the ultimate killer of any blogger. When you recommend crap you become a used car salesman with BO and bad breath. No wants to hear anything you have to say and they’re definitely not buying what you’re selling. Be sure to vet all your recommendations. Only recommend things you’ve tried or things you know have been proven to get results. This way you build a community of trusting subscribers that will value your opinion and benefit from your knowledge. This in turn will increase the likelihood that your subscribers will want to buy products you promote or even products that you create.

5. Coming off as spammy

People don’t want to be sold! No one wants to be aggressively sold on products, ideas, or subscriptions that add zero value to their life. Ads and affiliate links galore. Page just littered with ads/links. When choosing to expose your audience to ads and affiliate links be sure to remember that the key is trust. I can’t say this enough. Building a professional site with untrustworthy links and ads is the quickest way to tank your blog earning efforts.

Folks like useful information. Don’t be afraid of ads and affiliate links that add value to your readers. Be weary of irrelevant ads and forced links.

6. Not spending enough time analyzing your data

Sign up for google analytics or oribi ASAP. I’m still learning to analyze my data (seo, bounce rates, campaign to leads, leads to sales, oh my!) Analyzing your data is paramount to success. Not knowing how or why you achieved a certain set of results makes it impossible to duplicate. If you’re unable to duplicate results, then you’re more than likely not going to be able to sustain growth and revenue.

7. Not having a resource page

Let’s face it. People like free sh…stuff. I’ve said this a few times throughout this post and I may actually do a separate blog post on this topic later…stay tuned lol. But seriously, building trust is the MOST important key to success in any relationship. Blogger to audience is no different. You want to increase your followers and have a consistent fan base. By demonstrating your value with mini resources you can help people to see the value your larger resources adds.

8. You don’t own a self-hosted site

This one I was guilty of initially when I launched. I had my site on WordPress and paid for the business account but didn’t upgrade to Bluehost until my blog was 3 months old. Owning your content and having full autonomy of your site is critical in building a brand (learn more about building a brand here) and a business.

9. You haven’t invested in getting leads for your site

Leads? What kind of leads? Well, every audience member (in most cases) is NOT going to automatically be a client. Meaning every person that sees your post is not going to click on your ads, sign up through your links, or get your products (free or paid). However, every person who visits your site does have the potential to be a client (while on your page or in the future). The ONLY way to do this is by investing in ways to capture leads for your site—ie an email list. The best way to build your email list through leads is by using an automated system on your site. I use MailChimp and OptinMonster.

10. You’re not optimizing

Seo, social media(tailwind), And in my opinion most importantly your posts need to be loaded. Loaded? Yes! Loaded. Loaded with what you ask!? Well, with solutions of course! Your posts should always be loaded with helpful tips, ideas, suggested products, similar posts, and relevant ads that speak directly to the needs of your audience. I call this the no opportunity wasted method. Help yourself by helping your audience!

11. Not staying current or consistent

A blog post once every few weeks or so, one social media post a month, and some posts are optimized—somewhat. These half spun efforts result in full on losses of opportunity. Every post needs to be fully optimized, well promoted, and must relevantly address a need of your audience. This will increase your chances of getting your content in front of people that need it.

12. Not enough streams of income

This is a major pitfall. In sales there can be wains and peaks. Meaning some months one stream of income (let’s say advertising for example) can peak and be the highest payout you’ve ever had and then have a sharp decline the following month. If you were relying only on this one stream of income this could mean you go without earnings or with very low earnings for the following month.

However, if you were also relying on a secondary stream of earning (affiliate links for example) you could potentially sustain from those earnings. If you added several other streams of income (like selling your own ebook, selling your own course, selling a product, or doing sponsored posts) you could buffer the impact of peaks and valleys in individual streams. For more ideas on how to earn money blogging check out my previous post here.

This list is DEFINITELY not exhaustive but will hopefully get someone out of a rut. Have you been guilty of any of these? Did I miss a major way that hinders blogs from flourishing? Let me know in the comments. Until next time, we’ll wishes and lituations galore.

Mom of one brilliant and beautiful daughter. Wife of an amazing father and businessman. Momtrepreneur in the making. Blogger. Kitchen beautician and YT MUA. Follow me on Instagram @LenasLitLife and on YouTube LenasLitLife

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