Innolv Magnetic Eyelash Kit Review

Want to achieve this look? Don’t think you have the time? Think again! Everyone wants the glam but most of us don’t have the time. I’m no different. I will show you how to achieve this unfathomably fall magnetic eyelash look in under 5 minutes!


This is a sponsored post. I purchased these lashes at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review of the product. The opinions and views shared in this post are my own.


So, all over the inter-webs you see ads with these magnetic eyelashes. I’ve seen the ones where you clip two sets of magnets to your lash but now they have the lashes that apply to magnetic liner!

So, I was sent three pairs of lash styles (pictured below), a set of tweezers with bumpers, and magnetic eyeliner. I’m going to attempt to do a fall inspired eyeshadow look using my urban decay palette. Then I’ll apply the liner and show you all three lashes with the look.

The Look

Product List

  1. Eyeshadow Palette- Urban decay
  2. Brushes- urban decay
  3. Vaseline or Mango Butter
  4. Eyelashes-INNOLV Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes Kit
  5. Eyeliner-INNOLV Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes Kit

Want to see the full video? Check out my YT Channel here!

First impression

Upon opening the package I was surprised. The packaging was basic but the product was nice quality.

The lashes were beautiful straight out the box. All three styles had a dramatic effect but that’s what I like. If I’m going to go through the trouble of wearing fake eyelashes I need them bold and dramatic. Boy did these deliver!

After full day of wear

I applied 4 coats of liner on each eye before applying the lashes. I wore the wispy lashes which are labeled 5D-13 (the last row). These lashes were EVERYTHING!!! They completely upgraded this look and gave a super glamorous effect to such a basic eyeshadow look.

The eyeliner needs to be applied generously in order to work properly. I tried these with one coat and they wouldn’t stay put. The directions recommend 2-5 coats. For me, 4 coats did the trick. They did stay put all day and were easy to put on.

Final Thoughts

So, overall I enjoyed this product. The lashes themselves were bomb! The magnetic liner was ok. It had a watery consistent that made it super easy to apply but it took longer than I wanted for it to dry. My goal was to do a 5 minute fall look but because the liner took 3 minutes to fully dry I had to do a REALLY basic look.

The lashes were easy to apply, stayed put all day with several coats, and were easy to remove. The most challenging parts of wear for these lashes are definitely waiting for the eyeliner to dry and cleaning the eyeliner off your lids. It tends to linger in small patches even after you wipe off your eyeshadow. It takes a bit more effort to remove.

Ultimately, I’d give this a 4 out of 5 star rating! I’d have given it a 5 if it didn’t take as many coats for the lashes to stick, or have taken so long to dry. But since I only wear lashes on occasion these were awesome. I’d definitely buy these again.

If you have or would try these out let me know. Here’s the link if you’re interested in trying these out for yourself.Want more posts on beauty? Let me know in the comments below. Until then, check out another one of my beauty posts here.

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