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You’ve likely ventured here because you’re new to blogging. You’ve probably heard about people becoming successful from their blogs and want the same for yourself. Or you’re simply curious about how bloggers make money and would like to read more about these 5 tips for new bloggers success. Well, either way you’ve ended up in the right place. So many have turned to blogging. They’ve quit their jobs and are full-time bloggers,—like me—but how? How do you make your blog successful? Well, this post is intended to save you a great deal of time, money and energy by giving you 5 tips for new bloggers success that I wish I’d had when I started blogging.

Well, what is a successful blog?

Good question! Well, for me, a successful blog is one that is heavily trafficked, content-rich, and of course revenue earning. All over the internet you see posts of people saying that they make 10’s of thousands of dollars per month from blogging. What do they all have in common? Well, they have decent followings—a steady audience, beautiful sites, rich content (full of helpful tips/links), and products-a-plenty (mostly free but also a huge on-going “sale” that you “don’t wanna miss”). These are all end results. But how do newbies, like you, get to that result without going for broke? Plan ahead with these 5 tips!

5 Tips for New Bloggers Success:

Tip 1: Pick ONE thing your passionate about (a basic topic)

For this tip, I want you to think about a topic that makes you excited. A hobby, an activity, a subject, a job, or unique skill/talent you possess. For example, I’m what we call in the south, a “kitchen beautician.” I love doing hair. Weaves, wigs, braids, natural, etc. So, if I were choosing a passion topic I could choose, “hair care.” This is a topic I know lots about, it’s something on-going in my life that I can easily talk freely about, and it’s general enough for me to include a variety of sub-topics like hair removal tips, waxing, hair cuts, weaves, wigs etc. When choosing an initial topic you want to be sure you’re topic is specific like “hair care” but general enough to discuss a variety of sub-topics.

Tip 2: Write 10 draft articles in a word doc

Now that you’ve chosen a general topic you’re well on your way to success! Next you want to draft 10-15 articles on your topic. Think about problems with your topic and ways your articles can help someone solve those problems. The previous topic I mentioned was “hair care.” So, sticking to that, if I wanted to talk about this topic I’d first come up with a few hair care problems to address. Most people want fuller, longer, and healthier hair. So, let’s say I wanted to focus on length. A problem that I could solve would be how to retain length in naturally curly hair. I’d then think of all the necessary steps to grow and retain length. Then I’d write either a series about this topic or one article on this topic and then address another problem in another article.

Creating 10-15 articles gives you a great starting point for content once you launch your site. Having a variety of sub-topics when you launch will allow you to see what your audience gravitates to more so that you can create thoughtful content that speaks directly to your audience. This will organically etch out your niche.

Tip 3: Arm your articles with helpful tools to ensure your audience is successful

Now, you’ve identified a problem and ways that you can write to help others solve these problems. But now I want you to go a step further and create lists of helpful products, tools, equipment, or services that would help your audience achieve success.

So, staying with the topic of “hair care” I’d create a list of styling tools, conditioners, moisturizers, headwraps, bonnets, satin pillow cases etc. These things would all be beneficial to my audience. At the planning stage, having a list is enough. This will allow you to start to think of affiliate companies you’d like to work with to provide discounts for your future audience and build revenue for yourself. I’d recommend checking out shareasale.com. They are a hub for affiliate companies and offer a variety categories to fit any niche.

Tip 4: Envision your audience

This is EXTREMELY important where success is involved. Your audience will determine your pricing, products, and future content. So, be sure you have a targeted audience in mind. If you’re audience is college students and you list products and services that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, you’re likely going to create distrust and your audience won’t be willing to stick around because you’re not as helpful as they’d hoped you’d be. So, here are a few things to consider: age range, income bracket, interest, and level of convenience (does this group have lots of spare time or is this an on-the-go group). The last consideration is important because it will determine how you present your content and what types of products you suggest or create for your audience.

Tip 5: Establish a name and brand for your blog

Now, we’ve come to the end of the tips but this tip is still very crucial. This is why I’ve dedicated an entire post of it’s own to it. If you want to check it out click here. The final tip is to establish your branding. When I say branding I mean your business colors, fonts, and of course your name. When naming your brand you really want to be speaking to your audience and convey what your all about from your name (eliminate the guess work for your audience). Keeping with the same example, since we know the topic is hair care I could keep it simple and brand my website allabouthaircare.com or haircareifyoudare.com.

On the other hand…

You, also, don’t want your title to be so narrow if you intend to discuss a variety of beauty care. Also, try to shy away from an unrelated title that doesn’t speak to your audience. I’m going to switch my example here to make a point. Imagine if my blog is about obtaining financial freedom during retirement. If I were to name my blog driptooseriousretirement.com more than likely I’d scare off the majority of my targeted audience. A better name might be theretiredtraveler.com or retiredebtfree.com or even retirelikeaboss.com. Another viable option would be simply your using your name. This is a tried and true way to establish yourself as a brand so that as your audience grows so can your topics/reach. The final big step to success is moving from planning to getting started and this list of tips should have you at a decent place to do just that.

*Bonus tip:

A free blog on a site like WordPress is great for getting started (before you monetize). This site is great for developing content rich texts and setting up your articles with photos and steps to engage your audience before you upgrade to a self-hosted site. You can only monetize your site when you fully own your content, though. On a free site you don’t technically own your content. So, WordPress, for example, would be able to run their own ads on your site and profit but you would not.

So, I would recommend self-hosting through WordPress or a separate hosting site like bluehost. For more tips like these check out TheSheApproach’s blog. She gives great advice for free but I’d recommend checking out her courses and e books when getting started after.


Okay, so the major takeaways from this post is to choose a topic you can talk about at great lengths with authority. Draft 10-15 articles and fill them with suggested products, equipment, tools and services that would benefit your audience. Determine who your audience is so that you can build trust. Brand your blog with a name that is relevant to your main topic or your name. Then once you decide to start host your own site using host self host sites like bluehost.

Another, less expensive option for hosting is through Lyrical Host. They pride themselves on transparent pricing and honest services with no hidden costs or upsells. They offer premium
managed hosting without the usual premium managed hosting price tag.

What stage are you in on your blogging journey? Were these helpful tips or things you wish you’d have known before you got started too? Did I forget something? Let me know in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get more tips and support starting your successful blog. Also, let me know if you enjoyed my 5 tips to for new bloggers success. Good luck!

Mom of one brilliant and beautiful daughter. Wife of an amazing father and businessman. Momtrepreneur in the making. Blogger. Kitchen beautician and YT MUA. Follow me on Instagram @LenasLitLife and on YouTube LenasLitLife

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