Top 10 money making activities for bloggers

You’ve created your blog, now what!? Most people want to earn with their blogs immediately but don’t know where to go or what to do. This post is all about the top 10 money making activities for bloggers and what you should be doing to earn money on your blog as quickly as possible. New bloggers often waste entirely too much time on non-money making activities. So, I’ve decided to help some folks with these top 10 money making activities.

1. Create evergreen posts

An evergreen post is a post that is timeless. Similar to the evergreen plant, it doesn’t die. Meaning it will resonate with readers for years to come. Evergreen posts are where you can place your major affiliate links or promote your relevant products to grow your mailing list or boost profits. Read more about evergreen posts here.

2.Create a landing page

A landing page is a page (on your site or otherwise) where you direct traffic in order to promote what you have to offer in a quick snapshot. From this page you should build your email list, capture your loyal subscribers and attract future clientele. This page is so important that I created a separate post on it. Read about it here.

3.Create a sign up newsletter

A newsletter? For what? Well, a newsletter is not just to harass your email list but to offer free s&@t, discounts, and exclusive offers/opportunities! This will show your email list that staying tuned to your blog, YT channel or etc is a value add. This will allow you to in turn, place a greater value on your products once you roll them out. People who value what you have to say from the freebies you’ve consistently given them and see the urgency in your offers will be more likely to value and buy your paid products.

4. Create an email campaign

Don’t wait to get an email campaign going. Invest in a email program like constant contact, mailerlite, Mailchimp, or convertkit. All of these offer free services to a point. Check them out to find out which one works best for you. I use mailchimp. For my converting system I use optinmonster as a plug-in for WordPress.

5. Create 5 free products

Freebies are the previews to your product. Everyone wants to try before they buy. Your services are no different. Build trust and a reputation for being a value add by giving away valuable freebies. These freebies can be snippets of your product. Some examples of freebies could be Checklists, email courses, cheat sheets, info graphics, ebooks, or snapshot pdf’s.

6. Create a profitable course

Next, head over to teachables.com and build your first course for free! If you have a skill or service you offer, you can record yourself once and sale the material OR sale access.

7. Create a profitable ebook

Ana of TheSheApproach has a phenomenal course on how to do this using sendowl. Ebooks establish your authority in your niche and also become passive income.

8. Create a profitable checklist or calendar

I talked before about giving away freebies but one way to convert freebies into paid products is to extend a list. For example, give away 7 from a list of 20. Or 3 from a list of 10. Or in calendar form, giveaway 4 or 5 days out of 30 or 1 or 2 days out of 7.

9. Create a resource page

You’ve created soooo many freebies, posts with affiliate links, courses full of info, and awesome products too! Rather than forcing your audience to sift through each of your posts to find this info, simplify it all by putting it on one page. This will make it easier to promote your products/courses/services from your landing page.

10. Get social!

I truly saved the best for last. Optimize all your blog post, titles, post descriptions, and hashtags using the Yoast SEO plug-in. It’s important that you optimize your descriptions, hashtags, and images on your social media platforms as well. For more info on a snapshot on SEO optimization on all social platforms, go check out my post here! Also, make your presence known on your social media. I’m not saying you should post everyday but you can easily automate your posts and have them scheduled to come out daily with apps like tailwind


These were my Top 10 money making activities for bloggers. I think all bloggers should be doing at least 5 of these things in order to ensure success. Hope that this was helpful to you. Still have questions? Leave it in the comment section and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Until next time, see ya soon!

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