4 simple steps to relaunch a YT channel

The Initial launch

As a college kid with little to no money after I paid my tuition and bills I needed cash. So, I began vlogging. I enjoyed getting free products and entering giveaways, mainly. Once I tacked on an extra job and got deeper into my studies, I quickly abandoned my channel and shifted gears into focusing on my career. I never even thought about relaunching my YT. Things were going well and I felt content with my income.

So, why relaunch?

Well, fast forward several years to present day and the initial catalyst returned. There could, however, be any number of reasons to pick up where you left off. Maybe you’ve become more time efficient, or you’ve reignited an old flame. For me, this is my first time in my adult-life not having a job or steady income. Also, I’m now a stay at home mom and have more time to do things I love–like vlog! Either way, let’s face it vlogging is a great way to promote small business (like a blog), gain exposure, and get supporters or earn through sponsorships or passively byway of ads/links without needing to leave the comforts of your home (if you don’t want to).

So, why am I relaunching?

4 month old daughter pictured

So, I’m really relaunching because after having a difficult pregnancy and challenging recovery postpartum I need to supplement my income as a new stay at home mom. As a former teacher I had a steady stream of income whether I was physically at work or not (holidays, sick leave, vacation days, and of course summers.) So, I know that for me to maintain I need to be able to have multiple streams of income to earn my monthly wages and the that one of those streams of income would have to be passive. So, in order to do this I’ve decided to relaunch my vlog on YT @LenasLitLife to promote my blog (this blog! ;>)

How I relaunched

1. Determine your brand

When re-launching consider if your brand has shifted, changed, or grown.

Rebranding is such a big deal. So much so that I dedicated an entire blog post to it. You can check that out here:

How to Brand a blog in 3 simple steps

Though, for me, my previous brand was beauty (natural hair care, wigs, and make up) but now I’ve reached a different point in my life. So, I have decided to expand my brand. I’m now a mother, a wife, and budding entrepreneur. So, it would only make since for me to broaden my brand. I’ve since expanded my brand to a lifestyle brand. So, what was once LenaChad123 all about me and my beauty tips (which I’ll still get to showcase) I now have the platform to also discuss things like being a new home owner, having a successful marriage, being a new mom, and now becoming an accomplished blogger.

2. Consider changing your name

It’s important that your brand is conveyed through your name. Whether your brand has changed or stayed the same, when relaunching it’s a good idea to delineate that you are starting something fresh and new by changing your name.

Since I am only expanding my brand I decided to keep my same YT and instagram accounts from before but I upgraded my name from LenaChad123 to LenasLitLife. The former name was a page solely about me and my 123’s of beauty. Now that I am promoting a lifestyle vlog and blog I thought it was important to display this in my name.

3. Decide if your logos and marketing images are still relevant. Some may just need updating but others may need to be redesigned all together.

I decided to upgrade my entire marketing image. I am re-inventing the wheel only because I am doing a 4 1/2 year later re-launch and my logos and marketing skill level was lackluster back then and DESPERATELY needs a facelift. So, I’ve scoured the web and completely revamped my intro/outro for my videos, created a watermark, designed my own logo, and have started taking pictures like a mad woman to document events for later content.

4. Finally, just do it!

It’s easy to get looped into overthinking and under-progressing (yep! Just made that up and I’m standing on my new hyphenated word dammit! Lol). In this case you’ve just gotta rip the band aid off and just go for it.

Hope that this was helpful to someone. If you’d like to hear more about what apps and programs I used to create my marketing and branding materials comment down below. To keep up with my latest and greatest you can follow me on all platforms using this link:https://msha.ke/lenachad123

Stay tuned and thanks for reading my thoughts. Next post coming soon!

Mom of one brilliant and beautiful daughter. Wife of an amazing father and businessman. Momtrepreneur in the making. Blogger. Kitchen beautician and YT MUA. Follow me on Instagram @LenasLitLife and on YouTube LenasLitLife

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